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Computers and servers

Small and medium-sized projects

The desktops have diverse options of softwares, platforms and systems that meet the different demands of the users.

There are several technologies used, including Java, PHP, C, C#, HTML, JSP, Javascript, CSS, WCM, .Net, which are native to various platforms and channels such as WEB, Smartphones and Smart Televisions.

The Coopersystem team has know-how in the different languages ​​and frameworks available in the market.

Our Services

  • Requirements or situational analysis;
  • Development of corporative sites;
  • Management and planning of Information Architecture;
  • Audit and information security;
  • Computer literacy in all platforms;
  • Mobile Apps development;
  • Administration of databases and corporate bases;
  • Analysis and architecture of processes and internal and external business flows;
  • Administration of corporate networks and communication structures;
  • Maintenance of systems in the financial institutions segment;
  • Outsourcing;
  • Technical Support;
  • Indication of technological solutions.