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About Coopersystem

We are a Cooperative of Work that since 1998 provides specialized services in the most diverse areas of Information Technology, always with the objective of bringing technological solutions with quality and usability for companies and their clients. This cooperative dynamic is based on a participatory management model and collaborative economy, which prioritizes the human in the development of the company. So, all the members of our team are also owners of the company, and that makes all the difference.

Due to our work methodology, in addition to guaranteeing a more accurate delivery in all projects, one of the most important values ​​and pillars of Coopersystem is to ensure an agile and efficient development, which leads to a positive experience for all our clients.

Another key point is the specialization and constant updating of our entire team to maintain quality and provide more resources to our customers, as well as frequent searches of the best software and methodologies for commercial application in the market.

  • 20 years of experience supporting banking systems
  • Diverse awards in quality categories
  • Frequent updating of professionals skills
  • Participative management
  • Constant research for innovation
  • Services in various areas

Agile methodologies of development

The agile software development methodology streamlines the progress of the projects, commits the entire team to the expected results and presents higher quality to the final product. Teams are dynamic and flexible, resulting in increased productivity and assertiveness, with an incremental and interactive approach.

We consider two high points in this methodology, which are the daily controls in the execution of the project and the direct participation of the client's representative in the team, guaranteeing adherence to the business objectives and the control of the physical-financial schedules.


A cooperative focused in IT

Nosso principal foco é prover o mercado de soluções inovadoras em TI, sempre valorizando
the talent of our members and strengthening cooperativism through transparency,
competence, responsibility, honesty and cooperation!