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Maximum security and efficiency in large processes

While there are still those who believe that Mainframes are computers of the past, they still have the largest capacity for processing large volumes of information in short time frames and the most stringent levels of security. Currently about 95% of the global financial / insurance system data is processed in Mainframe.

At Coopersystem we have specialists on all aspects and technologies related to Mainframe development in its programming languages and databases.

Our Services

  • Requirements or situational analysis;
  • Development of corporative sites;
  • Management and planning of Information Architecture;
  • Audit and information security;
  • Computer literacy in all platforms;
  • Mobile Apps development;
  • Administration of databases and corporate bases;
  • Analysis and architecture of processes and internal and external business flows;
  • Administration of corporate networks and communication structures;
  • Maintenance of systems in the financial institutions segment;
  • Outsourcing;
  • Technical Support;
  • Indication of technological solutions.